Feature requests

Group sites in folder in sidebar (10)
Wp-config.php, enable debug (16)
Backup size big, make backups optional? (9)
Is there any plans for Linux? (14)
Modules "mcrypt" and "libsodium" on Local by Flywheel 3.0.5 (1)
Custom Login Page (2)
Install PHP 7.3 ( 2 ) (27)
Work with Local from other computer (1)
MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB (20)
Automatic SSO login (2)
Update WP-CLI to the latest version (2.1) (4)
Clean host file when shut down - recreate whie start-process (3)
Ignore Media Files on Push & Pull (3)
Ability to opt out of downloading large media files when cloning a site from Flywheel locally (2)
Microsoft HyperV Support (3)
Disable update pop-up after clicking 'no' once (2)
Local Authentication Using Touch ID (macOS) (4)
Add phpMyAdmin to Local (12)
Filter dev files when pushing to flywheel (2)
Setting the WordPress Version (5)
Translation support for Local (1)
Internal SSL Support (1)
Push to Flywheel Staging (16)
Graceful Fail on Site Pull (1)
We need Local Pro (11)
Please use phpMyAdmin (3)
Languages option (2)
Docker for Windows (10)
Add INTL (icu) PHP Extension (2)
Ability to change the default directory Local uses (6)