404 The site you requested does not have an associated route in Local

Been having a hard time getting things to work.
I turned off the firefox setting asking for the certificate which i just can’t get to work.
site will work for a few hours then refuse to load.
Did a fresh install and now i’m getting this page.

Havnt got a solution but Im having the same issue importing a functional export made in Local 5. Also creating a new installation using Blueprint gives same error.
Running W10, Chrome. No data in logs/error

i should add that by following the directions to open the router logs that there have been no new entries to the log since the 30th

@flyjack plz help!

Hi @CaribouCollective, Let’s get this figured out. :slight_smile: Can you please send over the following information?

  • OS version
  • Local version
  • Local Log (found here in the Local app: Help > Reveal Local Logs )

Thank you,

Hi megan.
Sorry for the delayed response, in order to best approach this seemingly complex installation I have factory reset my PC and updated to the most recent version of windows 10.
I also downloaded Local and set it up.
404 error is gone, however I still can not get local to run inside of firefox. (most recent version of ff)

@mwallace I have gone into the SSL tab and “trusted” the certificate. No Change.
Works in chrome and edge just fine.

Hi @CaribouCollective, could you try using a local domain that doesn’t end in .dev?
ie: “cariboucollective.local”

It looks like you might have HSTS enabled for that domain which could cause SSL errors in Local.