Ability to change Windows SSH Client


Is it possible to change the default SSH client on Windows? (Hoping to use Git Bash.)

I have found conflicting answers to this. My Preferences > Advanced screen shows only “Faster Docker Volumnes”

Default Terminal for Windows

Hey Mark,

Right now that option is only available on Local for macOS. I’ve made a note to add that option to the Windows version.

Sorry for any confusion!

Change default SSH client to iTerm2

Is this option going to be available for Windows any time soon? I would prefer to use cmder or even gitbash.



Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve moved this up in the backlog so it should come sooner than later :slight_smile:


Vote up for this feature.
Git Bash or PowerShell are good alternatives.
Win 10 itself is trying to ditch old command line.


This would be great, I’d like also to be able to use Powershell.


Found that in VSCode they have similar feature for choosing integrated terminal, exactly what we want for Local


+1, the default cmd is not very good, there are much better alternative for Windows…