Auto-start Sites on Local Startup


Before the upgrade, any sites that were running when I shut down my computer and quit the program would automatically start when I rebooted and restarted the program. After the upgrade to 2.4, when I reboot/restart, all the sites are stopped and I have to manually select the ones I want to start. Is there any way to get back the previous way? It’s not a very big deal, but it is a convenience.

Problem with new version

I’d love to see something similar introduced. It would be really cool to have a toggle to have specific sites start on boot. I understand why the change was made, but it would be great to override this per site.


Andy Peters wrote: “I’m sorry about that! We’ve received complaints about sites auto-starting and causing performance issues on their development machine, so we removed this feature.”

Frankly, I seem to be getting more problems with the auto-start NOT happening. Still, why not make it a feature that can be turned off or on by the user?