Background-images from Elementor URL isn't updated through live link


Hi everyone,

It’s the first time i’m using Flywheel, and i love it.

However i’m having an issue with background-images (built with Elementor), they don’t show up when i go through live link. When i inspect element with Chrome, it appears that background-img URL is still mywebsite.local/XXXXX instead of

It seems like Absolute URLs aren’t replaced in assets such as CSS, but i can’t provide to Elementor a relative URL in that special situation (background image)

Thanks in advance, i hope i’m clear enough :slight_smile:

For the record, i’m using

  • Wordpress 4.9.8
  • OceanWP v1.5.31
  • Elementor v2.3.2


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If anyone has the same problem, here is the fix that i finally found. Not perfect, but actually does the job :

I wrote some lines in Custom CSS with the “!important” mention, to manually replace URLs

I found background section css with Google Chrome inspector, copied it to Custom CSS section, and replaced begining of the URL with Live Link URL

That gives, for every image, something like that (for example) :
.elementor-6 .elementor-element.elementor-element-b29dbf8 {
background-image: url( !important;

If you have better solutions don’t hesitate to share it here

Hope it still helps

Good luck to all of you



i’ve the same problem, i think a FIX is due to let external people to view the internal website at full.
I’m using many background images and is terrible to tweak all CSS :frowning:


I’ve had a similar problem when I push a site from Local to Flywheel and the background images were not displaying.

I found Elementor has steps you can take to resolve this including regenerating the CSS so the background image paths are pointing to the right place.

Take a look:

Hope this helps other folks who are running into this problem.