Backup size big, make backups optional?



I love Local, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that each time i stop a site then Local does a backup. This is initially a good thing, but it should really be an optional feature. I have a lot of sites in my Local setup, and I start and stop them often since i’m working in the support-branch of my company.

When stopping/restarting a container the backup makes the process really slow, and the disk gets clogged up with huge sql-files.

If a site would fail for some reason then I just set it up again with fresh data from production environment. So if the site environment should fail loosing data is not an issue.

Is some of these alternatives possible to realize in the future?

  • compresse the SQL-files (.zip/.tar.gz)
  • make the backup optional

I understand that this is not an issue for the average Joe, but hopefully making this feature optional is not too much work. This also makes Local more future proof as this feature help the keep the disk usage lower for those who wants.

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Robert Sæther
Dekode Interaktiv AS

How to disable backup on Stop Site

I’ve got a couple of sites with huge databases, Local can take a couple of minutes or more to stop them due to the time the backup process takes, so this would be a great feature to have.


Is there a way to disable “backup” when stoping a site?

I use Local in a relatively big site, and backing up can take a long time.
It would be great if there’s a way to disable backup when stoping/restart.

If there’s no way to do this, maybe feature request?

Thank you.



I moved your post into this feature request. Make sure you vote it up! :slight_smile:


thanks @clay


Thanks, much appreciated!


This feature would be really nice to have.


Bumping this up again. These SQL-files take up huge space on my disk, and they also take a while to dump when I’m trying to stop a site. Nice feature for someone, a time consuming issue for others. Would be nice to make this feature optional :slight_smile:


Any update on this topic @clay? :slight_smile: