Can't Install Wordpress Error on Local

Local installed quickly had no problems until I tried adding a wordpress site. I’m uploading some screenshots and the log file.

Please Help - I’m looking forward to testing this new version of Local


local-lightning.log (7.1 KB)

Meh uninstalling. LBF is a terrible waste of time. I’d pay for support to test it properly but no response here in 3 days so many issues - might as well go back to what works and update the youtube channel bragging about this bs.

Hello Adam!

I am very sorry for the delay in response.

Are you trying to create a new site or are you importing an existing site into Local? If you are trying to import a site, can you create a new site and let us know if you still run into the same issues?

Just when I had given up :slight_smile: That was a clean install of wordpress.