Group sites in folder in sidebar


Can you create a feature in which we can group multiple sites into one folder .

For example:
My Sites 1
– site 1
– site 2
– site 3

My Site 2
– site 1
– site 2
– site 3

Filter per client

Not that I know how to do it, but I wonder if this can be accomplished though an add-on?


I’ve got a growing list of sites and I’d love to be able to separate them by group such as Work, Plugin test sites, and Personal projects.

+1 from me on this!


Same here!


That is indeed a great idea! I would love it.


I upvote this. It would be very useful as I have a lot of websites that sit under one company.


Agree - Grouping sites nice. Personal, Clients, Side Projects,

Perhaps also sub folders too.

Clients > Client A > site1, site2




Just chiming in. This would be great.


I was just coming to leave this exact feature request. So +1 from me.

It would be nice to be able to organize sites into folders by client (or by any criteria).