Https:// Images Working Locally But What About After Uploading to Live Site?


Hi There!

I’m working on updating my website on my laptop using LOCAL I am wondering when I’m ready to upload it to the Internet and replace my current Wordpress site will LOCAL magically get all the images from my laptop to my LIVE Wordpress site using https:// and the correct paths etc.

I’m guessing it does but am looking for confirmation or guidance if there is anything I need to do while I’m working on redesign now using LOCAL that will prevent a future headache of having to manually correct all the paths.




Hi Michael

I am not sure how you plan on deploying the version you will develop locally and then publish to your website afterward.

I have never tried flywheel’s built-in deployment so that I cannot comment on.

What I do, I use WP Migrate DB Pro - usually, I only push the database changes from the local version to the live site, and then I manually upload the files via FTP.

However, not too long ago the plugin added a feature to also update plugin files and media library uploads. I tried a couple of times, but so far it is way faster for me to upload via FTP.

So, part of the process the plugin does is to change the URL in the database from your local URL to the live URL. You should not have to do anything. However, sometimes I have encountered problems where some URLs were not changed.

The plugin “Better Search Replace” is excellent in finding and replacing URLs in the database, also in serialized data if you need to fix URLs in the database after launch.

Regarding FTP - not sure what OS you are on, but here is my favorite:

I hope my rambling gave you a little useful feedback :slight_smile:


Thank you for your ramblings… I appreciate it. Hopefully LOCAL can do all this itself it not I will use your notes. Thank you so much and HAPPY NEW YEAR.



Hey @getroberson

Local does a pretty good job of deploying sites to Flywheel’s servers without any issues, however there are plugins and themes that do store information in a a way that prevents Flywheel from correctly updating the Local url to the live one. This is especially true if the URLs are stored the theme’s CSS file, or a cached version of a page builder.

If you are pushing to Flywheel’s servers, you can always give it a try, and if you run into issues, just restore a backup of the site.

@lkoudal 's suggestion of using Migrate DB Pro is a good one, and their plugin is a tool I recommend in many situations.

Bottom line, in most situations it does just work, but there’s always those edge cases where things don’t go according to plan.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

– Ben