Install PHP 7.3


Thanks @ben.turner for the update. That’s all we were asking for. :+1:


Thanks for the update. We are hoping and encouraging you to come up with the solution pretty soon. It’s great to know something is being done to reduce the limitations of this loved software - Flywheel.


Thank you @ben.turner for the update.

I think a lot of us would rather have 7.3 without XDebug than no 7.3 at all.

I am sure we’d all also like more timely status updates. You essentially wrote “we tested it 6 months ago when @clay said ‘soon’ and there were bugs but we didn’t bother to tell the people that had asked”.


I installed XAMPP with PHP 7.3 in December 2018 to test with the new PHP, they released an update as soon as PHP 7.3 became stable. And XDebug works fine in XAMPP. They already had 2 updates to PHP 7.3 version release. Sure, XAMPP is not convenient to use like Local, but it is reliable.

I am not sure why Local takes so long to release essential updates like this one.


Hi all,

Local 3.0.5 is now available as a pre-release and includes Custom 1.3.2 which includes PHP 7.3.2 + Opcache + Xdebug.

I’m personally very sorry for how long it took to release this! It was a long time coming and I know how important it is for all of you to test out the latest and greatest web technologies including PHP and MySQL. In fact, this is one of the core reasons why I originally built Local prior to it being acquired by Flywheel.

We will be making a bigger push on environment updates in the near future and hope to have an additional version of Custom out with MySQL 5.7 and 8.0.


Thanks Clay!


Newer MySQL versions will be greatly appreciated! No schedule for a MariaDB version on Local by Flywheel? Cheers!