⚡️ Lightning Fast ⚡️

Hey there!

We wanted to take a moment to announce an exciting, new version of Local in beta now!

We’ve seen from this forum, tweets, Flywheel customer tickets, and other conversations that when Local works…it’s amazing and workflow redefining! But when it doesn’t…it’s incredibly frustrating. Often when Local breaks, there’s little data or certainty about what broke. A lot of this has to do with the many technologies that need to integrate correctly to make Local work.

To chart a more reliable and powerful path forward, we’re rebuilding Local’s core architecture. Specifically, we’ll be moving away from virtualization (via VirtualBox) in favor of native, system-level software to run WordPress locally.

Introducing Local Lightning

We call it Local Lightning, for the speed it’ll bring to your day-to-day and the energy it brings to this project! Here are a few benefits:

  • Instant startup: once Local starts, it’s ready to go. No more waiting on the virtual machine.
  • Faster site requests: edit content and browse your local site faster than ever!
  • Zero virtualization: enables compatibility with Windows Hyper-V
  • Multi-user support and the ability to run Local without being an administrator
  • Tighter integration with existing development workflows
  • Intelligent port handling

Interested in Joining the beta?

Follow us on Twitter and DM your email to apply for the beta. Once accepted, we’ll send you an invite via email.

Keep on coding,