Live link not showing all images



I have live link enabled for my site and I am looking at it from another computer but some images are missing

I build my site with elementor and wordpress and running flywheel on a Mac.

When I look at the console I see that its still trying to pull the images from the .local installation. The images are the one I that I set up as section or column background.

How can I fix this?



This error could be due to several reasons. I would first suggest clearing your browser cache and then retrying.

If that does not fix the issue, then it could be that the images are hardcoded with the .local URL in the Elementor configuration. Changing these to Relative URLs will help solve the issue.

If that also does fix it, then it could be that the image paths are being referenced from a Cached CSS/JS file. Clearing the theme/elementor cache should help solve this.