Local by Flywheel 2.0.4


Release Date: June 12th, 2017
Operating Systems: macOS & Windows
Available via Auto Updater: Yes

Download Local by Flywheel 2.0.4 for macOS

  • SHA1: 13976bdb0a2f682ff01487f9c301bc7969c5b734

Download Local by Flywheel 2.0.4 for Windows

  • SHA1: 271083740a8acfbe20915ca4a05f6bd1993f1e98

What’s New in 2.0.4

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting certain sites, such as cloned sites, caused Local to crash. We’ve fixed this.
  • There was an issue where the router would restart prior to site certificates existing. This would cause the router to fail to start thus showing you a “This site can’t be reached” error. This should now be resolved.


  • In some cases, such as a site with a complex wp-config.php file, Local can’t find the database credentials. Now when this happens, instead of the Database tab being blank, we’ll show you what we couldn’t find and in what file we were looking.

Windows only

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed some cases where quitting Local on Windows didn’t always shut down the virtual machine running behind the scenes.
  • We weren’t accurately detecting if a site was multisite. Now you’ll see an accurate multisite indicator on the Site Setup tab.

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