Local by Flywheel 2.1.2


Release Date: November 16th, 2017
Operating Systems: macOS & Windows
Available via Auto Updater: November 17th, 2017

In case you’re having issues with the macOS auto-updater, please see [macOS] Help! Local isn’t automatically updating!

Download Local by Flywheel 2.1.2 for macOS

  • SHA1: 2c542b0e136a59ccf7818fc8bd8aae47a65af1ab

Download Local by Flywheel 2.1.2 for Windows

  • SHA1: b425c4a5f2f1a9d6bc434967e80e69bfd20d8e9f

What’s New in 2.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that would show after WordPress 4.9 had been installed saying that the installation failed when it didn’t actually fail.
  • Windows: VirtualBox and Node.js should now work properly on Windows system where there are non-ASCII characters in the path to Local.
  • Fixed issue with missing flywheel:latest Docker image on site creation
  • Fixed pattern used in the change domain functionality. Some domains weren’t changed correctly. They should be now.
  • Fixed issue with Preferred environment where index.php would be added to the permalink structure
  • Importing: Fixed issue with import flow where the old domain wouldn’t be properly detected in some cases
  • Importing: Fixed issues with import flow table prefix detection
  • Importing: Fixed issue where wp-content path wouldn’t be detected in some cases
  • Connect to Flywheel: .user.ini should now be properly removed when pulling from Flywheel. This will fix any 500s caused by Wordfence after pulling.
  • Connect to Flywheel: Archives pulled from Flywheel are now properly removed from the operating system’s temporary directory after the pull is completed.
  • Connect to Flywheel: After pushing, flywheel-push.sql is now properly removed
  • Blocked ports in WebKit are now blocked from being allocated to site containers


  • HTTPS self-signed certificate trust check now checks the site’s home and siteurl options in wp_options. Previously it only checked home
  • Connect to Flywheel: .node_modules and .git are now preserved when pulling from Flywheel. node_modules is now excluded when pushing to Flywheel.

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