Local by Flywheel 2.3.1 (Pre-release)


Release Date: May 15th, 2018
Operating Systems: macOS & Windows
Available via Auto Updater: Pre-releases are not available through the auto-updater

Download Local by Flywheel 2.3.1 (Pre-release) for macOS

  • SHA1: 03a60522f160b1e0f54342c841888b4f38b3ddbc

Download Local by Flywheel 2.3.1 (Pre-release) for Windows

  • SHA1: 52e71aa20093aa1653b17fb3f0ae7afe4c8743a2

What’s New in 2.3.1


  • Local Router logs are now accessible! If you’re on macOS, you’ll find “Reveal Local Router’s Logs” under the Help menu. Otherwise, on Windows “Reveal Local Router’s Logs” will be under the menu icon in the top-left.
  • Added a dedicated Docker image for the Local Router. Previously, the Router container used the Preferred environment image.


  • Default WordPress Username and Password options have been removed to improve security.
  • VirtualBox host DNS resolver is now enabled by default for the Local Machine and will be enabled if it isn’t already. This automates fixing Help! My Local site cannot establish a connection to WordPress.org - FAQ - Local by Flywheel
  • Preferred environment image import is no longer required when installing Local. It will be imported the first time you create a site with the Preferred environment.
  • On-brand and more helpful Local Router error pages
  • Added sound to notifications that require your direct attention such as updating the hosts file.
  • When importing a site, you’ll now see “Changing Site Domain” and “Import Database” instead of just “Configuring WordPress”
  • Switching/upgrading environments will now back up the conf folder

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Blueprints regression in 2.3.0
  • Cross-site HTTPS (including HTTPS WP-Cron) now works
  • Symlinks (including broken symlinks) were causing exports/Pushing to fail in some cases
  • Special characters in site names were breaking the “Sequel Pro” button under the “Database” tab
  • Adding multiple sites and then clicking on a success notification would open all of the previously created sites
  • Default themes/plugins such as Twenty Seventeen and Akismet were being removed when importing a site that had them installed
  • Faster Docker Volumes daemons are now restarted when restarting the Local Machine

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