Local by Flywheel 2.3.2 (Pre-release)


Pre-Release Date: July 2nd, 2018
Operating Systems: macOS & Windows

Download Local by Flywheel 2.3.2 for macOS

  • SHA1: a9bb4f467ae20325f5a7095ab91e491aa62b4201

Download Local by Flywheel 2.3.2 for Windows

  • SHA1: dcc825c0b56fe15ee7228c042a186c58504c8a28

What’s New in 2.3.2


  • Custom 1.3.0
    • Improvement: Simplified web server configs and relaxed browser caching
    • Fix: Disabled track_errors for PHP <7.2.0
    • Fix: Removed track_errors for PHP >7.2.0
  • Preferred 1.2.0
    • Improvement: Simplified web server configs and relaxed browser caching
    • Fix: When Dev Mode is enabled, vcl_pipe properly sets req.http.connection
    • Fix: Reduced CPU usage of watcher that automatically purges Varnish cache
    • Fix: Disabled track_errors
    • Fix: HTTPS status is properly sent to PHP-FPM to eliminate the need to inject a small block of code into wp-config.php


  • Importing shows the progress of the compression step
  • Exporting/Pulling shows the progress of the extraction step
  • Pushing shows progress for both compression and uploading
  • A warning will be shown if a site uses .dev as its TLD
  • Environments can be downloaded if a site requires a specific version that’s not installed


  • Local Machine no longer shuts down when restarting to enable/disable Local Add-ons
  • Adjusted Faster Docker Volumes NFS configuration to help improve performance
  • —skip-themes and —skip-plugins is used when WP-CLI changes the Local site domain
  • Windows: wscript.exe is no longer used to shut down the Local Machine when Local is closed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with cancelling downloads in Local
  • Various errors that were not presented to the user are now presented if they occur
  • MySQL version select is only activated when switching from Preferred to Custom
  • “Change Domain" is now disabled if a site isn’t running
  • Windows: Live Links should now work on 32-bit Windows

Add-ons API Changes

  • HooksMain.doActions() runs synchronously (one promise after the other) instead of asynchronously
  • HooksMain.doActions() will throw an error if any promise is rejected

Third-party Dependencies

  • Updated Electron to 1.8.7
  • Updated Boot2Docker to v18.05.0-ce
  • Updated VirtualBox to v5.2.12

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