Local not behaving as previously encountered, still on 3.0.4



Logged into Local tonight, to pull down fresh copy of a site I uploaded content to this week -

Local view shows completely different view from my Live site - as in layout, etc.

Checked settings, my Live site set-up and just DOUBLE checking - after getting the info confirmed, BUT confused because, as of after my Live site plan upgrade to php 7.2, last week, all looked good except one item, on one site, that wasn’t the one that is vastly different, tonight -

Here’s what I’ve checked so far (and tried to change in Local, to mimic live site)

Live PHP version: 7.2
Local PHP version: 7.2
Live MySQL # provided by support: 5.6
Local MySQL version choices/chosen: 5.6.34

WP version: 4.9.9 - Same across both Live and Local

THE only thing different between last weeks check after PHP server upgrade and tonights view is - - - - I have no idea -

No plug in updates done - one pending update for Classic Editor -

AND, If I disable the old theme being used, and activate 2019 WP Theme - content loads/is there - but not understanding what changed, since last week, OR how it can look fine on Live, but not Local - even with browser changes/empty history, etc.

Thanks for any guidance on what else to troubleshoot to understand why Live looks fine, and on Preferred setting in Local, it doesn’t - :slight_smile:

Tamrah Jo


Hey @tank13

Do you have any screenshots to show what the differences are between the two sites? It looks like the two sites have similar enough versions of PHP and MySQL that there shouldn’t be any issues.

A couple of things to verify:

  • Are there any code or theme settings that are dependent on the url? Remember that the Local URL is different, and so if a plugin or theme setting is expecting the Live url and the Local one is given, that could cause issues.
  • Are both sites using HTTPS?
  • Is WP_DEBUG enabled on the Local site, and not on the Live site? This could cause the Local site to show more errors and generally display things differently than the live site.

Let us know a bit more info and we can take a closer look at things and make some recommendations!

– Ben


Thanks Ben!
Here’s the info you requested:

  1. Code/Theme settings See Below Answer List
  2. Local and Live Sites of townofsimla.com both using, best as I can tell - Live site with HTTPS/Enforced And Local Site showing “Trusted” under SSL site (reloaded in Safari, v.12…3 after initial 502 error shown and screen shot attached of Local Site
  3. WP_DEBUG not found in Local>townofsimla>config file

I sent email with screen shot attachments, as I couldn’t figure out how to attach here - old dawg, learning lots of new tricks and thanks for the response! :):grinning: - I confess to not always knowing best, how to word inquiries/subject lines/info to get to the meat of the topic - so thank you for the reply - and as soon as I figure out how to attach screen shots, error logs, etc., will send


P.S. - Code/Theme issues seem to be related to one plugin (the one throwing the error) and not used on any other site that looks fine - small updates done this a.m. and Local sites not repulled, as no update available for the plugin causing the issue.

Sorry - forgot to add that in original reply