Loopback connection


Hi there,

I’m using WooCommerce + WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export on local FlyWheel WP site and I’m having trouble with exporting: orders and customers exports stay queued forever.

I ran Background Processing Test (as advised here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/ordercustomer-csv-export/#section-24) and it gives me this error:

Could not connect. Please ask your hosting company to ensure your server has loopback connections enabled.

Is it possible to enable loopback connections?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Elvira,

Sorry for the trouble!

Please upgrade to Local 2.3.1 (pre-release).

Once you do that, be sure to restart the site(s) in Local.


Worked like magic :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for such quick reply!


No problem! Glad to hear it resolved the issue :slight_smile:


Thank you Sir for this solution, it fixed my problem as well.

I have tried to install demo contents on my wordpress site but this error kept popping up. I have tried virtually everything from restarting the server to creating a new site to no avail until i stumbled accross your post.

My fix came after I updated Local to the current latest version 3.0.3.

Thank you again for this post. It has saved me the time i lost on my current project!