Moving my locally built WP site to Local by Flywheel


This question by have been answered somewhere but I couldn’t find :slight_smile:

I have built out a WP site locally on my machine, I am using MAMP to run a server/database.
The site works fine locally. The MAMP url on my machine is http://localhost:8888/

The organization I working for Second Chance Animal has a Flywheel account.
There is a starter WP account up on Flywheel now, that is not the site I want to move.

I have installed the Local by Flywheel app on my machine.

What I want to do is:
-Add my local WP site to Local By Flywheel.
-Still be able to develop locally
-Periodically update the Flywheel version site from my local version.

I know there is a way :slight_smile:



Hey @lukedohner,

I recommend you use a migration plugin, just as you would migrate a live site to Local, or a Local site to the live environment. I explain it better in the answer below:

Another plugin to do that is called Duplicator, explained in one of clay’s answers:

If you need further help with the process let me know! :wink: