No way to install addons on Local beta

Hi, is it me or is there no way to install addons on Local beta? Don’t see the option anywhere and activating the develop menu actually does nothing. Though it hints there something about being able to access developer tools.

You are correct, this is currently unsupported. If you still want add-ons you’ll have to use an older version (Local by Flywheel 3x)

How in the world do we do that, lol. When you go to the LOCAL site, it just prompts you install v5 (BETA). I’m having an issue where I need to use an add-on, but can’t since the add-on menu doesn’t show up in the BETA :frowning:

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Okay, this version of Local seems to install AND open on macOS Catalina :smiley:

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@qmanning I understand the confusion, I made same mistake. But yeah that’s the correct version :slight_smile: