Unable to see content on live site



I’ve created my Wordpress site on Local Flywheel using Semplice theme.
I’ve exported my website, uploaded the folder “public” to the FTP
and added .SQL files to my website database.

Problem, the website is running but it is empty. The theme is running but without all the content I’ve created.
I can see my images on Filezilla and databse on PHPmyAdmin but nothing visible on the website.

Any idea how to solve this ?

Many thanks,



Sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting the Local site to work. Could you please give us some more details on where you are uploading this site? If you are trying to upload it to Flywheel, then these help articles should guide you further

If you are uploading it to another host, it could be that the site is erroring out due to PHP errors. In this case, I would suggest checking up on the Website Logs.