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Introducing Local by Flywheel's

Local Dev Fund

We're investing up to $1,000,000 in development grants to help the WordPress Community build the best local development workflow in the world

The Local Dev Fund is designed to get the community involved in unlocking the creative potential of our crowd-favorite tool, Local by Flywheel. Over the next three years, we're offering grants between $1,000-$10,000 per add-on, plus marketing support to spread the word about your work. Join us in crafting custom add-ons and extensions that push the boundaries of our product and revolutionize the day-to-day work of over 150,000 WordPress developers around the globe!

How it works


Tell us about your project and how it's going to make an impact on developers.


Turn your idea into reality and get to work building your Local Dev Fund approved add-on.

Get paid

Once your add-on is available in the Add-ons Library, you'll get paid from the fund.

The fund begins early 2019

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When will the first grants be awarded?

The fund will be launching in early 2019 and the first grants will be awarded by March 31st.

How will the application process go?

We are in the process of finalizing the application process. However, you can count on applications including a short description of the add-on you’re building, what value it provides to users, why you’re passionate about building it, and a few other framing questions. We’re looking for developers that are excited to help the WordPress and Local community grow and are truly unlocking the creativity of the what Local could be.

The grant money is cool, but what else will you provide?

Great question! We’ll be offering some developer support to ensure you’re building the best quality add-on possible. Also, we’ll provide marketing and distribution support through Local’s social and email channels.

Who owns the add-on once it’s built?

You do! However, we’d love to be involved in the future of your add-on as a contributor. Also, accepting grant money from the fund will require your ongoing support and maintenance of the add-on for at least twelve months.

Do Local Dev Fund add-ons have to be open source?

Yes! All add-ons that receive funding through our fund must be open source and adhere to the MIT license.

Wait a second! Why isn’t Local open source?

Our add-ons library is the first step toward open sourcing Local’s Community version. We are actively working toward releasing it as open source in 2019. We’re excited about getting the community more engaged in the future of Local. We’ll keep you posted!

What types of add-ons are you looking to have built?

We don’t have anything in particular in mind! However, we are looking for add-ons that extend the functionality of Local in an elegant way. Whether it’s developer tools or integrating with other services, we’re excited to see what the community comes up with!

Can I receive a grant for an add-on that will be monetized?

Nope! We won’t award grants to add-ons that will have a paid version. This also means we won’t provide grants to companies building add-ons only used to integrate with their paid products.

Do you require certain technologies when building grant funded add-ons?

Yup! Local already has an established API and components library that is built on top of Electron, React, and Docker.

The main stipulation we have is that you must use React for anything user-facing. This means no Vue, jQuery, or Preact in Local Add-ons. Our goal here is to minimize bloat and keep Local as snappy as possible.

Outside of the restriction above, you are free to use any package available on NPM in your Add-on!

Does my Add-on have to be written in JavaScript?

Not quite! As long as your Add-on is written in a language that transpiles down to ES5 JavaScript, you should be good! This means you can use everything from ES5, ES6, TypeScript, Elm, to ESNext.

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